German Wallpaper

Here's an interesting wallpaper site:

Herr Lutz J. Walter has been blockprinting for quite some time now and has completed reproduction papers for Friedrich Schiller's house (or should I say haus), and many more in Weimar. What makes Lutz's work especially interesting is that he not only does 18th century blocks, as one would expect, but also has ventured into the stuffed-felt brass work of 19th century cylinder printing. He has even done Art Nouveau and Bauhaus wallpapers. I worked with Lutz many years ago when Bernard Jacque suggested that  he could probably find an old-fashioned pile of machinery in the former East Germany that could polish a ground.....sure enough, he found it!

Below are some photos:



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Click Me! To Find Out How To Buy "Backstory"
Click Me! To Find Out How To Buy "Backstory"