Swedish Wallpaper

after sending out the essay on historic paperhanging technique I got several interesting "thank you" emails and links to new and interesting sites, like this one in Sweden:


Handtryckta Tapeter are busily engaged in "...handprinting wallpapers for castles, mansions, appartements and huts around the world for 30 years now..."

I do work in castles on occasion (even if my own house is probably closer to the "hut" category).

MORE NEWS: architectural conservator Richard O. Byrne sends a note that he has an antique crank-type wallpaper trimmer kicking around:

"You know anyone interested in wallpaper slitting machines c. 1900? I've one that I doubt I'll get the time to restore, and even then I'm not sure what I would do with it. Seems to be all there with typical surface rust, but nothing the new chelating agent Evapo-Rust would not soak off rather readily."


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